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Exemptions for ordinances, requirements and programs
The prohibitions in section 52-330 do not apply to the following ordinances, requirements or programs of the city and the officials responsible for enforcement of the city's zoning ordinance and building codes, as designated by city ordinance or other authorization of the city, shall apply to all regulations and standards prescribed by such enactments, requirements or programs, whether such ordinances, requirements or programs existing or hereafter adopted or established, to the fullest extent therein provided:
(1) A local amendment of a building code to conform to local concerns if the amendment does not conflict with sections 52-330(a) or (b);

(2) A program established by a state agency that requires particular standards, incentives, or financing arrangements in order to comply with requirements of a state or federal funding source or housing program;

(3) A requirement for a building necessary to consider the building eligible for windstorm and hail insurance coverage under Texas Insurance Code, Chapter 2210;

(4) An ordinance or other regulation that regulates outdoor lighting that is adopted for the purpose of reducing light pollution and that:
a. Is adopted by a governmental entity that is certified as a Dark Sky Community by the International Dark-Sky Association as part of the International Dark Sky Places Program; or
b. Applies to outdoor lighting within five miles of the boundary of a military base in which an active training program is conducted.

(5) An ordinance that regulates outdoor lighting and is adopted under Texas Local Government Code, Subchapter B, Chapter 229, or under Texas Local Government Code, Subchapter B, Chapter 240; or

(6) Installation of a fire sprinkler protection system under Texas Occupation Codes § 1301.551(i), or under Texas Health and Safety Code § 775.045(a)(1).