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Planned Development Districts
(a) An application for a planned development district may be made to the city planning and zoning commission in the same manner that an application for any amendment to the city zoning regulations is made. Applications for approval of a planned development district shall be processed according to the procedure specified in division 5 of this article, and a site plan and related data shall be submitted for approval in accordance with the requirements in sections 52-303 and 52-304.

(b) The city council, after public hearing and proper notice to all parties affected and after recommendation by the city planning and zoning commission, may authorize the creation of a planned development district on sites of three acres or more to accommodate various types of developments and combinations of developments.

Procedure for establishing standards.
In approving the development plan and the ordinance establishing the planned development district, the city council shall, after recommendation by the planning and zoning commission, specify such maximum height, floor area ratio, density and minimum off street parking and loading standards within limits of those specified in the districts listed for the specific uses involved as is appropriate for the development. The city council shall, after receiving the recommendation of the planning and zoning commission, establish the standards for yards, signs, building spacing, site coverage, access, screening walls or landscaping, building area, open space, pedestrian ways, public or private streets and alleys to be observed in a planned development district and such standards shall be specified in the ordinance establishing the district.

Development schedule.
(a) An application for a planned development district shall, if the applicant desires or the planning and zoning commission or city council requires, be accompanied by a development schedule indicating the appropriate date on which construction is expected to begin and the rate of anticipated development to completion. The development schedule, if adopted and approved by the city council, shall become part of the development plan and shall be adhered to by the owner, developer, and his successors in interest.

(b) Upon request of the planning and zoning commission, the developer shall report to the planning and zoning commission the actual development accomplished in the various planned development districts as compared with the development schedule.

(c) The planning and zoning commission may, if in its opinion the owner or owners of property are failing or have failed to meet the approved schedule, initiate proceedings as provided in this article to amend the zoning district zoning map or the planned development district from the zoning district zoning map and placing the area involved in another zoning district. Upon the recommendation of the planning and zoning commission and for good cause shown by the owner and developer, the city council may also extend the development schedule or adopt such a new development schedule as may be indicated by the facts and conditions of the case.

Development plan required.
An application for a planned development district shall include and be accompanied by a development plan that shall become a part of the amending ordinance and shall be referenced on the zoning district zoning map. Changes in the development plan shall be considered the same as changes in the zoning district zoning map and shall be processed as required in section 52-4, except that, changes of detail which do not alter the basic relationship of the proposed development to adjacent property and which do not alter the uses permitted or increase the density, floor area ratio, height or coverage of the site, or which do not decrease the off-street parking ratio, or reduce the yards provided at the boundary of the site as indicated on the approved development plan may be authorized by the zoning administrator. Any applicant may appeal the decision of the zoning administrator to the planning and zoning commission for review and decision as to whether an amendment to the planned development district ordinance shall be required.

Development plan contents.
The development plan shall include:
(1) A scale drawing showing any proposed public or private streets and alleys; building sites or building lots; any areas proposed for dedication or reserved as parks, parkways, playgrounds, utility and garbage easements, school sites, street widening, street changes; the points of ingress and egress from existing public streets on an accurate survey of the boundary of tract and topography with a contour interval of not less than five feet, or spot grades where relief is limited.

(2) Where multiple types of land use are proposed a land use plan delineating the specific areas to be devoted to various uses shall be required.

(3) Where building complexes are proposed, a site plan showing the location of each building and the minimum distance between buildings, and between buildings and the property line, street line or alley line shall be submitted. For buildings more than one story in height, except single-family and two-family residences, elevations or perspective drawings may be required in order that the relationship of the buildings to the adjacent property, open spaces, and to other features of the development plan may be determined. Such drawings need only indicate the height, number of floors, and exposures for access, light, and air.

(4) A plan indicating the arrangement and provision of off-street parking and off-street loading where required. Such a plan may be presented as a ratio of off-street parking and off-street loading area to building area when accompanied by a typical example indicating the feasibility of the arrangement proposed and when the areas where the example would be applied are dimensioned on a drawing of the entire site. Any special traffic regulation facilities proposed or required to ensure the safe function of the circulation plan shall also be shown.

(5) A designation of the maximum building coverage of the site shall be indicated upon the site plan.

(6) A screening and landscaping plan shall be required where such treatment is essential to the proper arrangement of the development in relation to adjacent property. Such plan shall, when required, include screening walls, ornamental plantings, playgrounds, wooded areas to be retained, lawns and gardens if such are determined to be necessary by the city council. An exception to the side yard requirements may be approved by the city council such that one side may be reduced to zero provided the other side is increased to a minimum of 18 feet. Where such use is adjacent to a residential district or is on a corner lot, a side yard shall be provided adjacent to the residential district or street.

(7) Any or all of the required features may be incorporated on a single drawing if such drawing is clear and capable of evaluation and interpretation.

Considered an amendment.
Every planned development district approved under the provisions of the ordinance shall be considered an amendment to the city zoning regulations as applicable to the property involved. In carrying out the development of a planned development district, the development conditions and the development schedule, if required, shall be complied with and such conditions as specified for the development of a planned development district shall not be construed as conditions precedent to the approval of the zoning amendment, but shall be construed as conditions precedent to the granting of a certificate of occupancy and compliance as required by sections 52-405 and 52-2.

For complete information, please reference Article IV - Planned Development Districts
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